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Sign Up Bonus Offers

We’ve teamed up with Australia’s leading bookmarkers to bring the you the best bonus offers! Read our review of each bookmaker here.

Have a question? Read our popular Bonus FAQ or our Top Bonus Offer recommendation.

Ladbrokes Free Bets
  • $500
  • 100% Deposit Match Bonus
  • Great specials
Crownbet free bets
  • $150
  • 100% First Deposit Match
  • Plus, CrownBet Rewards Join Offer ($25)

Due to state and national based gaming regulatory requirements, some offers may not be available to you. View our GUIDE to eligibility for Australian bookmaker offers and promotions. This is a GUIDE only and you must consult each respective bookmaker’s marketing material or contact the bookmaker so that you fully understand your eligibility and the conditions of each offer.


Top 3 Bonus Questions:


Who Offers The Best Sign Up Bonus Offer?

This is one of the most frequent questions we get asked by site visitors, so we’ve outlined our picks below. For more information on the main bonus structures and conditions, click here. For more details, read our full review of each bonus in our Bookmaker Review.

Ladbrokes: 100% Deposit Bonus up to $500

Ladbrokes also offers a valuable sign up bonus.  (1) At $500, the raw bonus amount is much higher than average. (2) – Ladbrokes let you ‘split-up’ any bonus bet offer awarded into smaller bets. (3) – Bonus bet winning turnover requirements are not subject to any minimum odds. It’s important to realise that Ladbroke’s bonus offer still has other conditions. The main one, as with other operators that use the ‘bonus bet’ structure, is that your bonus stake is not included in winning bonus bets – it’s withdrawn from any bonus bet payout. Also, any bonus bet winnings and the initial deposit value must be turned over twice.

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What Are The Main Conditions Of Bonus Offers?

The most important part of receiving value from bookmaker offers is understanding the main Bonus Offer types and their conditions. We’ve outlined in full below. Once you understand each bonus structure and its conditions, click here to read who we think offers the best bonus value and here to view all bonus offers (T&C’s and eligibility criteria apply).

1. Bonus structure

One of the most important things to understand about a bonus is the structure of the bonus. We’ve outlined the four main structures below.

Free Bet

A Free Bet is just that, a free bet! There are no conditions or restrictions placed on the free bet, such as turnover requirements, minimum odds, or a validity period in which the bonus must be used. The free bet bonus type was once widely used by bookmakers, however as betting agencies add more conditions to bonus offers, it is not as common.

Bonus Bet

Most operators currently opt for this structure. Here, your bonus bet’s stake is excluded from any bonus bet winnings. Conditions are also enforced around the use of your bonus bet, such as turnover requirements (generally on any bonus bet winnings), minimum odds and expiry periods.

Bonus Money

Fewer operators offer the third structure, where the stake retained in winning bets using bonus funds. This bonus type arguably offers customers more value than the Bonus Bet structure. Conditions are present, such as turnover requirements, minimum odds and expiry periods.


Cash is obviously the best bonus structure! Once rewarded, you can simply withdraw a cash bonus from your account at any time. Many existing customer Sports Betting promotional offers are rewarded as cash.

2. Turnover requirements

Most Bookmakers that we’ve reviewed that offer ‘Bonus Bet’ or ‘Bonus Money’ offers place ‘turnover’ requirements as a condition of their bonuses (offers less value), except for Ladbrokes (offers more value). Any stated turnover requirements (placing bets equal to a certain amount) must be met before any bonus proceeds converts to cash and can be withdrawn. The amount and multiple of which that must be turned-over varies between each operator. It may simply be equal a) the bonus amount awarded, b) any winnings that your derive from bonus bets, or c) the sum of both the amount you deposited to receive the bonus PLUS any winnings derived from a bonus bet.

There are no turnover requirements on a promotion rewarded as cash, or a true ‘free’ bet.

3. Minimum Odds and Expiry Periods

Most Bookmakers that we’ve reviewed that offer ‘Bonus Bet’ or ‘Bonus Money’ offers also place ‘minimum odds’ conditions when you participate in their bonus offers. These must be met in order to a) receive a free bet payout and b) for any stated turnover requirements to proceed. These are generally around the $1.50 mark.

There are no minimum odds restrictions on a promotion rewarded as cash, or a true ‘free’ bet.


What is my eligibility for bonuses and promotions as either a new or existing customer?

IMPORTANT: This is a GUIDE only. Please consult each respective bookmaker’s marketing material or contact the bookmaker after viewing any offer review on FREEBETnow.com.au so that you fully understand your eligibility and the conditions of each offer, as conditions do change frequently.

I want to open a new gambling account

State based laws restrict bookmakers from offering an inducement to residents of their state to open an account. Current restricted states are NSW, VIC, WA and SA. Please note, this is a GUIDE only. The rules are constantly changing, so please check, or request from the bookmaker, the terms and conditions of each promotion before you participate.

I want to open a non-gambling account (e.g. CrownBet Rewards)

Some bookmakers offer separate loyalty programs that have their own separate bonus offers (different from standard account creation sign-up bonuses). As these loyalty programs are not gambling accounts, some brands offer these types of bonus offers to residents of all states of Australia.

I have already registered for an account

If you already happen to hold an account, existing customer sports betting promotions and loyalty bonuses may be available available to you (check, or request from customer support, the terms and conditions of each promotion before you participate). If you already hold an account, it’s best to contact the operator’s customer support and specifically ask what bonuses they have on offer, and if, as a resident of your state, you are eligible.

Due to recent legislation changes, it is standard practise that bookmakers only communicate specials, offers and promotion once you have logged in to their website (view examples below).

This is due to NSW law, which prohibits bookmakers from advertising/ offering any inducement, including promotions, to NSW residents publicly.

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